Demirjian Family

Is known for its custom made jewelry.

It was found in 1954 in Jerusalem. Then the three brothers; Ohan, Vicken & Vazken took on the business from their father Garo and enlarged it. The logo GARO was created on his name, which also shows that it is still a family owned and managed brand.

The past has inspired the present.

Because uniqueness what we are known for, we continue creating stunning and unique jewelry pieces, with care and passion.

All of our jewelry are crafted in Jerusalem.

GARO is located in 2 places/stores:

Old City Store;
Muristan Street, in the Old City of Jerusalem, on the way to the Holy Sepulchre Church.
Most of the tourist groups who are on their way to the Holy Sepluchre Church, see our store.

Grand Court Hotel Store;
It is located inside one of the biggest and most popular hotels in Jerusalem; the Grand Court Intercontinental Hotel.
The store contains all the items presented in this website and much more …